PRESS: Four Places Surround Project explores family in ‘Four Places’ by Deborah Martin  |  June 5, 2019 The Surround Project debuted in 2017 with “9 Circles,” an intense drama digging into the damage of warfare borne by those on the front lines, an experience that many may not have had first-hand. The company’s second offering, a look … Continue reading PRESS: Four Places

PRESS: Four Places Two June Plays Present Opportunities To Address PTSD and Other Trauma by Nicholas Frank  |  June 13, 2019 “Paralyzing family resentments, depleted affections, and sublimated cruelties” in Four Places, a play about “the insular toxicity of the nuclear family.” Or, a “mutually destructive rivalry” in the Sam Shepard play True West, described as “opaque, terrifying, surrealistic.” It may seem contradictory to … Continue reading PRESS: Four Places

Surround Spotlight: Jewish Family Service of San Antonio

Community Partnership Spotlight: MEET OUR FRIENDS AT JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE OF SAN ANTONIO In Joel Drake Johnson’s play FOUR PLACES, The Surround Project is exploring the connection between family dynamics and individual mental wellness. One of our partner agencies is Jewish Family Service. CEO Talli Dolge, MS, will join us at the performance on Friday, … Continue reading Surround Spotlight: Jewish Family Service of San Antonio

Artist Spotlight: Catherine Babbitt

Catherine Babbitt (right) with wife Cindy Fuque enjoying Big Bend National Park Meet Catherine Babbitt Catherine Babbitt plays a central role in Joel Drake Johnson's FOUR PLACES opening Thursday, June 13th for an eight-show run. Her character, Ellen, is a daughter, sister, widow, psychologist and mediator. Catherine brings her considerable talent and experience along with … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Catherine Babbitt