The Surround is an innovative new theatre project in San Antonio, Texas focused on creating new communities around the themes seen on stage. Theatre artists Eva Laporte and Zach Lewis collaborate to “surround” the play with a dynamic context (interviews, forums, installations, all-manner-of-interesting-things) providing multiple access points to audiences and artists alike.


Four Places

by Joel Drake Johnson
directed by Eva Laporte

Peggy’s usual lunch date (and usual lunch drink) with her middle aged children turns from routine conversation to life changing revelation. Peggy, alternately sweet and acerbic, skillfully maneuvers to keep control of her waning power. Her two children must come to grips with the fact that parents, at any age, have lives which may be very independent of their children’s. Johnson creates indelible characters; outrageously funny and painfully human.

Featuring Catherine Babbitt, Kathy Couser, Sarah Fisch, and Andrew Thornton

“[FOUR PLACES] deals with the emotional devastation of a modern family, and it is Johnson’s acute, stinging humor that ultimately makes the witnessed agony such an enjoyable theatrical experience.”

Johnson, an uncommonly kind writer, has an innate understanding of regret — the feeling of being trapped in past mistakes. And he is constantly drawn to the theme of prodigal children trying (and usually failing) to go home again.


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